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Delicious meets Barbecue

You are surrounded by way too many catering services. But what if you want to have a taste of the best? If you are from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, then you have to try Fire & Smoke BBQ Company. Our delicious meats and one of a kind sides will leave your guests begging for more!


Why you should choose us



Want to know why? Here’s some hard-hitting facts:


  • Our BBQ catering services have won hearts with its excellence.


  • We don't kid around with the quality of the food. The high end meats we cook are carefully selected by our head pitmaster, along with the rubs and ingredients they’re cooked with. Even the wood is chosen delicately and specifically to provide the most optimal flavor for our food.


  • We provide enough food to take care of anyone's appetite. Anyone’s.


  • Our sophisticated techniques lead to remarkable flavors. We are not your run-of-the-mill BBQ joint, and we can cook low and slow or hot and fast depending on what will result in the highest quality product.


  • We will handle your order for any event with great care and love. (And professionalism if you’re into that sort of thing.)



Our beginning



Mikey Kay is our head pitmaster and co-owner of Fire & Smoke BBQ Company. His background story is nothing but unique. Mikey is a family man, one who has been drawn to an open flame since his young teenage years. After graduation high school, Mikey had explored many professions including photography and cosmetology… he even toured with music bands! Yet nothing had fully satisfied him. Mikey continued to yearn for a true passion. And that, my friends, is when grilling really started to happen. Mikey had met and married his loving wife, Amanda, and together they started a BBQ podcast. He put together a website, started inviting guests to talk barbecue on a podcast, and later hired on friends to write blogs. Man Meat BBQ eventually began to grow into a social media brand and podcast known to many people all around the world. Throughout the years of Man Meat BBQ, Mikey has heard from many that he needs to share his incredible food with others. After some heavy thought and slight convincing from his wife (ok, not really though), that is when the Fire & Smoke BBQ Co. dream started coming to life.


Amanda Kay is also a co-owner, and Boss Lady, of Fire & Smoke BBQ Company.  She has been in the restaurant industry for over 10 years and has a passion for feeding people delicious food and creating an exceptional experience.  After being introduced to quality BBQ from Mikey, her goal is to learn all aspects of traditional BBQ and be able to show her creative side by reinventing a more modern approach. When Amanda is not busy keeping Mikey in line, she is being a full time mom to their wonderful daughter, Ember.





Fire & Smoke BBQ Company’s Catering Services provides authentic barbecue, specializing in serving meats and sides that have been cooked low and slow to give it a unique taste. Our handmade rubs and all natural wood smoke creates flavors that cannot be replicated by those other places who use gas grills and liquid smoke. We follow the holy grail when it comes to the cooking of meat, which leads to the succulent taste we all fell in love with. Our recipes and techniques are based on authenticity, however our pitmasters use unique flavors for our one-of-a-kind, exotic meats. So allow your taste buds to rejoice as flavors burst in your mouth with every bite of our food.


If you want to enjoy food the way it is meant to taste, then the only option is to come to us. Impress your guests with the delectable food we have in store. Call us, or drop us an email.



Housemade bacon = best bacon



Is there anything in this whole wide world that tastes better than bacon? Is your mouth not watering as you think of the combination of sweet, salty, and smoky flavor? Of course it is! If you love bacon like we do, then you have to try our housemade bacon. Trust us, you will not go back to eating any other kind of prepared bacon once you have tried ours. If your heart beats for the taste of bacon, then contact us. Right now. Mmmm, bacon.


About our catering services


At Fire & Smoke BBQ Company, we have one dream and one rule: to serve food that is nothing but the best. For all events, our thought process is to make sure our food meets every need that a customer has, to use quality ingredients, and to provide amazing hosting for our customers. Typically, the food we prepare for you will be cooked, warm, delivered, and ready to enjoy at your event. However, if you would like us to cook at your event or special occasion, that can be arranged too. Just give us a call! The kind of event or party that you are hosting is as important to us as it is to you! No matter how many events we have lined up to serve, we will always be our best for each and every one of them. 24/7 365, Fire & Smoke BBQ is here for you.  We will go the extra mile when it comes to the happiness of our customers.



Our catering services are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, but please contact us if you would like us to travel further. We can take care of bulk orders for any events. Be it a birthday party, an anniversary, a corporate event, or weddings—let us deal with all the food! One less thing for you to worry about! Am I right?! Seriously, just give us a call!

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